Thursday, September 22, 2011

POTG Thursday Headlines, News, and Links: More Cuts Coming Soon?

The Nashville Predators return to a more normal day today where a bunch of the players and the coaches were not up for half the night after returning from a game.

The two practice sessions move to the Bridgestone Arena today where they will be closed to the public. With games tomorrow night in Raleigh and Saturday night at home, the coaches will be taking serious looks at the players that actually will be playing in Nashville at some point this season.

With Milwaukee's training camp opening Monday, there will be an exodus of players over the next few days so that Kirk Muller will have a representative bunch on hand when the AHL camp opens.

Earlier this morning, we posted a feature story on defenseman Jack Hillen, who appears to have an inside track on one of the open defense slots in Nashville when camp breaks. Later today, we will have a story on Scott Ford, who is a guy that you will be pulling for to play an NHL game in the near future.

If you aren't already at Sports Seasons, you missed this mornings 6 a.m. opening with the new Predators jerseys on sale.

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In Pred Nation...

Dmitry Chesnokov caught up with Pekka Rinne on Tuesday after the game and he was happy with the win despite the poor conditions.

Bryan Mullen says not to discount Jack Hillen and Tyler Sloan being on the opening day roster.

Josh Cooper announced Jon Blum as the Tennessean's guest blogger and also that Geoffrion was out two weeks with the sliced wrist and that Josi would not play this weekend. He also explains that Chris Mueller's brief stint in the NHL last season helped him prepare for this year.

David Boclair reports that the faux pas with the restricted free agents has been forgotten by all involved.

Smashville 24/7 looks at Patric Hornqvist wanting to have a bounce back season after being inconsistent last year. He also had a conversation with Jack Hillen.

Amanda DiPaolo asks if Niclas Bergfors the new Sergei Kostitsyn in Nashville?

Dirk Hoag has the Preds' scoring leaders after three games. He also has the video of Barry Trotz on NHL Live yesterday afternoon in his morning links.

Patten Fuqua has a look at the big guy in Preds camp, Zack Stortini.

Paul McCann has his news and notes from Wednesday.

Predatorial looks for an improved Jordin Tootoo this season.

Puck and Punk adds a few more shades to his color wheel of jerseys.

Jas Faulkner provides information to help the charities designated for support as a result of the Wade Belak passing.

Robby Stanley has a look at the "verification" line that may be implemented in the near future.

Go here to make an appointment to give blood at the Preds game on Saturday (as in to the Red Cross). Here's more news you can use about Saturday night's first match of the year at the Bridge.

Around the NHL...

It's time for Brendan Shanahan to walk the talk after Jody Shelly's dirty hit on Darrly Boyce last night. The Hot List has the video with Brendan Shanahan explaining the new rule changes on head hits in the NHL. Based on the new rule, this should be a softball for Shanny.

Anyone who watched last night Penguins - Red Wings game saw a bunch of questions answered about Geno Malkin. It was the first game I actually watched this year and it wasn't bad hockey.

The Islanders named Mark Streit as their 13th captain in team history.

Mike Modano announced his retirement on Facebook. That seems anticlimactic. A press conference is set for Friday at 1 p.m. CDT. Here's more from the Stars. Nick Cotsonika labels him the greatest American player.

R.J. Umberger signed a five year extension with Columbus for a reported $23 million.

Adam Proteau has the top ten Calder candidates for this near with not a whiff of any Predators.

Several folks have been asking when NHL GameCenter Live would be available. It is a much better option now with the format on Roku and other connected devices for your TV if you don't want it to be tied to your cable box.

Ex-Pred Mark Dekanich's attempt to be a full time NHLer has suffered a setback with a high ankle sprain that will keep him out for four weeks.

Brent Severyn opens up to to Sports Illustrated about his life as a goon.

The rumored return of Alexi Yashin to the NHL was just that. He is returning to the KHL.

Brad Richards is downplaying his groin injury and hopes to return today.

Damien Cox thinks that Kyle Turris would be a good fit in Toronto.

Scotty Wazz reflects on preseason hockey.

Here is a bold statement from @SunGarrioch: Gary Bettman can "talk" realignment all he wants. I'm told by several executives he will push through the proposal he wants. No ifs or buts. Houses of the Hockey has more on realignment.

They almost couldn't find any pucks at the Amway Center in Orlando when Tampa and St. Louis played the first NHL game in the city since 1996.

Odds and Ends...

The watch is still on for the falling satellite that will come down between Today and Saturday. Any one person's chance of being hit is one in 21 trillion. Everyone between Edmonton and Cape Horn has a chance at their 15 minutes of fame. Go here for live tracking of where the UARS currently is in orbit.

Later word is that FEMA is on standby to act if needed. Lord help us all.

With the declassification of information recently, a cold war era spy satellite was on display for a select few last weekend at the Smithsonian.

More Later...

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