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POTG Thursday Headlines, News and Links: We've Had Enough Already!

If 2011 was the summer of tragedy in hockey circles, then yesterday's airplane disaster in Russia was the world's largest exclamation point. Fans and members of the hockey community have had all they can take. The only hope is that the hockey gods will ease up and let the players get back on the ice with no more pain and sorrow.

One by one as the day went on, almost very NHL team released a statement on the fallen hockey players. I do not think a single team was untouched by an ex-player, coach or friend of the team. It brought clear awareness to the dangers folks who travel for work face every day that hey go to their "office."

So many folks were touched by the sad times that it is a reminder for everyone to keep those you love close at hand and be happy for every day that you have together. Enjoy your friends and folks you see every day and try being a little nicer to strangers you meed. You just never know when a day may be your last one.

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Russian Tragedy...

The Tragic summer in the hockey world continued yesterday with the crash of a Yakovlev Yak-42 passenger plane crash near the city of Yaroslavl in Central Russia. The KHL team Lokomotiv was on board.

Chris Johnston was supposed to be on RLD Hockey Talk with us before we cancelled the show and ended up writing this synopsis of the horrible events of yesterday.

Here is a Google translate page with numerous videos of the scene and reaction from Russian officials and here are short biographies on many of the players who perished.

The Globe and Mail has a list of past athletes killed in aviation incidents and also has photos from the scene.

This article with repeated updates shows how scattered the information was initially as to who was on board.

Matt Reitz has a nice perspective piece on the tragedy.

Joe Yerdon points to one of the saddest personal stories on the web from yesterday's loss of life. This is a must read piece that really puts a face on the loss. Joe also reflects on the tragic summer and how hockey needs to hit the ice to heal.

Here is Gary Bettman's official statement on the crash.

David Staples has a roundup of reactions from the hockey world. Here is a Twitter roundup from

Mark Spector discusses the dangers that teams face on a regular basis.

Dirk Hoag explains the process that has been set forth in the NHL to restock a team in the event of a tragedy. PHT has another discussion of the plan.

Craig Custance claims his Brad McCrimmon eulogy is the hardest thing that he has ever written.

Adrian Dater is hoping that a puck drop will bring an end to all the hockey misery. Me Too!

Thanks to NHL Home Ice and program director Joe Thistle for all day coverage yesterday to help hockey fans of North America through the day. Great call Joe! That is why Home Ice is my station of choice 24/7.

In Pred Nation...

Tonight's Petey's Preds Party at the Bridgestone Arena will be the largest yet in it's three year run and I'm sure will memorialize the fallen while raising funds for Parkinson's research and the Predator Foundation. Josh Cooper has more on Brent Peterson.

Pete Weber share's his memories of Karlis Skrastins in the aftermath of the Russian aircraft.

Josh Cooper spoke to several Predators about the KHL Ttragedy.

A.J. laments the Summer from Hell at PMFF.

J. R. Lind has his remembrances of the Tragic Summer at PITW and has a feature on fighting in hockey..

Amanda DiPaolo recounts the tragedy at Inside Smashville.

We would like to welcome John Mack aka Pred Gold to the local blogging community. In his initial post we learn all about him. We are looking forward to a new voice in the Pred blogging world. His firsthockey post relates to the widow of opportunity for the Preds.

Smashville 24/7 takes a look at Francis Bouillon in his player preview. Cube is a real unknown this year.

Section 303 previews the Predators goaltending (part 1).

Dirk Hoag continues his rookie previews with Taylor Beck and Scott Valentine.

Expectations are on the rise for this year's Predators according to Robby Stanley.

Admirals Roundtable caught up with new Milwaukee Head coach Kirk Muller.

Jon Greenberg issued a statement from Milwaukee on the former Admirals involved in the plane crash.

Russ Cohen found an exchange between Mike Fisher and Jason Crabb discussing Mike's new book "Defender of the Faith."

Aaron Sands recounts happier times with Wade Belak and the stigma that killed him.

Here is a video recap from the Ladies of the Predators calendar shoot. Here is a blog by Kourtney.

Around the NHL...

Sidney Crosby showed incredible patience as he sat through the same basic question of which there is no answer at his first public appearance in months yesterday. He's better but there is no timetable. He also wants to see headshots eliminated. Here is a video.

Here is an interesting comment from @GordStellick: Sidney Crosby presser still didn't satisfy my curiosity why he played in Tampa with "stiff neck" from the hit in Washington 4 days earlier!

We still have not heard from the NHL where the 2012 Winter Classic will be, but the Flyers sent a letter to their STH indicating they were the hosts. It also indicated that the WC ticket was not included in their package. Whoops!

Dan Rosen has the information on the kickoff of the NHL Media Tour of star players that went forward amidst the specter of the bad news of the day last night.

PHT has joined the crusade to save UAH Hockey!

Michael Russo has a heartfelt feature on Derek Boogaard from the point of view of his brother Ryan.

Odds and Ends...

This may be the best toy for $42 that I have ever seen. The company that makes them can't keep them in stock.

The 110th, and final launch of the Delta 2 rocket is set for today if all goes well, carrying a satellite that will map the gravitational fields of the moon.

If you have ever wanted to play in a "sandbox" with real live heavy equipment, there is a place in Las Vegas that will let you do so for a fee.

Finally, we need a drunk elk story to ease the tension occasionally.

More Later...

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