Tuesday, September 13, 2011

POTG Tuesday Headlines, News, and Notes: Rookies Impressive in Debut

Last night’s opening rookie contest between the Preds and the Lightning appeared to have been a one-sided affair as Nashville won 7-3. Here is our brief story and the scoresheet from the game. Here is a link to the raw footage highlights of the game posted at Preds.com.

There was very little information flow from the game last night. Armed with only a scoresheet and a bunch of Tweets, all of the Predator writers did a great job of sounding like their was a horde of traveling press to Florida last night. Check out
Smashville 24/7, Inside Smashville, Section 303, On The Forecheck, and Josh Cooper.

Hats off to Chris Martel who got a
transcribed interview from @rinkside with Craig Smith after his huge game.

The Preds will take to the ice again this morning at 11 a.m. CDT against the hometown Florida Panthers as everyone will  head back to the Internet for bits and pieces on information on the game.

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In Pred Nation...

Battle of the Blades will kick off with a one hour preview on September 18 that will include clips of Wade Belak in practice and will honor his life.

David Boclair talked to David Poile about
life and death in the hockey world in Nashville in an must read piece. In a less heavy piece, he discusses the need for players to step up and provide more offense for the team this season.

Josh Cooper
picked up a couple of quotes from Pekka Rinne about his trip to New York. He also talked to Kirk Muller about Craig Smith’s breakout inaugural game last night.

Patten Fuqua has a
feature on Mattias Ekholm and his transition to the smaller rink surface.

Bryan Mullen gets the opinions of Shea Weber and Mike Fisher on the rookie crop in camp this week. He also points out that 50 of the 55 players in camp are under 30.

George Scoville has his first post at The Hockey Writers with the top 10 things to look forward to with this year's Predators. It is great to see @stackiii jump into the pool of bloggers. He also has a second post about the Predators ticket sales tactics as seen from a marketing/social media perspective.

Paul McCann checked in with a
roundup of topics at Hockey Buzz.

Pred Gold
breaks down Predator wins against a variety of opponents last season.

Lonnie Herman at NHL.com wonders i
f the third time (camp) is the charm for Ryan Ellis.

The Predators G.O.A.L. Program (Get out and learn) is taking registrations today online starting at 9 a.m. It is for 5-8 year old boys and girls and is free.

Around the NHL...

The New York Post reported in an exclusive story that the Devils are hurting financially. Maybe folks will start speculating that they are moving to Kansas City and leave the Predators alone. Of course, the Devils denied any truth to the story.

Ken Campbell is
never ready to let go of a good story about a failing team and gives his take on the Devils and drags the Blues and Stars into the discussion.

Joe Haggerty has the news that Marc Savards's name will be on the Stanley Cup.

The Chicago Blackhawks probably weren’t expecting
Patrick Sharp to undergo an appendectomy on the eve of training camp.

While they are not ready to return to the KHL after last weeks tragedy, the Lokomotiv may
play in a second tier league later this season.

There are still some free agents hanging on to hope that they will be signed, RLD has the
best of what’s left.

Kevin Allen has the story of Sidney Crosby being well enough to
knock on doors and deliver season tickets yesterday.

Katie Strang moved from Newsday to ESPN and has a story on Ryan Callahan being named the new Rangers captain. Congrats to Katie on the new position.

Kurtenblog says Steve Bernier's fall from grace is almost complete.

HOTH labels ex-Pred Mark Dekanich as a
player to watch.

Six teams still don’t have a captain. James O’Brien has
some recommendations at PHT.

The Red Wings are preparing for life after Nicklas Lidstrom.

NHL 12 hits the shelves in stores today and will feature a real 14 year old girl who approached EA Sports wanting female players. She will be the default player for girls and can be customized.

Ryan Lambert calls for
banning fighting in rookie contests and I’m 100% behind that. While they are at it, they can throw in head hits too. Linus Klasen received a head hit from a Panther thug last year that shaped his career chances.

Steve Lapore starts a series on his interview with Mike "Doc" Emrick. He also reveals that Honda is still the vehicle of choice for the NHL.

Prayers are needed for Kevin Allen daughter who has had a relapse of aplastic anemia. He told me a little about all this when I talked to him at the draft. This is a nightmare for a parent.

Odds and Ends...

Have you ever wondered where the most expensive place to open an office? Here is a top ten.

The state of Arizona has agreed to stop monitoring the pronunciation and grammar of its teachers in order to avoid a possible civil rights lawsuit. So I guess it is better for the kids to learn the wrong thing than it is to enforce standards.

New federal rules for a central database on a person's medical history sounds good on the surface but it is scary to see the government gt that involved in health matters that are protected by HIPPA laws for every other entity.

If you are looking for a crappy movie “Bucky Larson” may be
setting the standard with a “0” rankining at Rotten Tomatoes.

Sponge Bob is the
downfall of four year old’s concentration among other things.

Finally, our friend, Michelle Kenneth was asked to pick a husband and
here is the result.

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