Friday, September 2, 2011

POTG Friday Headlines, News, and Links

We would like to remind everyone of Patten Fugua's fundraising efforts to honor Wade Belak. It is a great idea where everyone can participate for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and gets to relax a bit with friends and family. Unfortunately, we are having a yard sale today and tomorrow to try to clear out a ton of stuff form the house that the wife is transforming.

Feel free to come by and haul something off (The best time is at night when we are asleep. If it is something big, the wife may wake up and help you steal it. She wants it gone!).

Make the jump for today's news and links that include plenty of thoughts on the passing of Wade Belak...

Wade Belak Related News...

Jennifer Belak released a brief statement last night. The funeral will be on Sunday and is private. Please respect the families wishes.

Wade Belak's father spoke on his son's passing. He did not see any issues coming.

Pete Weber shared a great perspective piece from Michael Farber from 1997 about the difficulty of being an enforcer. Pete also appeared with Mile Ross and Mick Kern on NHL Home Ice and discussed Belak's passing.

A.J. at Pull My Fang Finger discusses the Hat Trick no one wanted to see.

The Hosers have a few recommendations for better usage of the NHLPA's SABH Program.

Justin Bourne explains how players lose their identity when they quit playing the game.

Dirk Hoag offers his thoughts on Wade Belak and suicide.

Kris Martel adds his personal feelings about the loss of Wade Belak.

John Manasso takes a look at fighting in the NHL in light of recent deaths.

From fellow BOTB contestant and one of the last folks to see Belak alive @toddsimpson27: Wade was a wonderful man, a loving husband, father and a great teammate. All my sympathies go out to his family. He will be dearly missed.

Adam Proteau discusses the non-superhuman-ness of hockey players.

Here are a few tales of Belak shopping in Toronto.

Puck Daddy expands on the "Faustian Bargain."

Steve Lapore calls on the NHL's TV partners to consider open debate on the issues presented with the recent deaths.

Kent Wilson looks at the link between enforcers and depression at Houses of the Hockey.

In Pred Nation...

Josh Cooper posted a text from Shea Weber on Wade Belak's passing.

Smashville 24/7 moves on to the preview of Patric Hornqvist.

Dirk Hoag has his camp preview of Austin Watson.

Mark Willoughby has his weekly "My View."

According to a Tweet from Luke DeCock, the Preds and Canes will each send a partial schedule of games in to the vacated Atlanta market.

Shea Weber's fantasy ranking for defenseman now matches his salary ranking at

Digital Journal has Ryan Ellis as the NHL prospect most likely to make the jump this year.

Around the NHL...

Also on NHL Home Ice, Brendan Shanahan discussed his new role as the league disciplinarian. I'm looking forward to the new "transparency".

Ryan Porth starts his 30 teams in 30 days with the Anaheim Ducks.

This one for for Reds fan Ryan Porth. James Wisniewski throws out the first pitch at a game in Cincinnati. Why is the stadium almost empty?

So Sean Avery may or may not get arrested today at the White House.

Several career milestones could be accomplished this season in the NHL.

Dustin Byfuglien appears to have been arrested for drunken boating. Joe Yerdon has more interesting details.

Adam Proteau's top 10 remaining free agents is a picked over lot.

From  @IllegalCurve: Winnipeg Jets announce they will unveil the team's jersey on Tuesday September 6 at 11:00 AM at 17 Wing DND base

Odds and Ends...

Will Amazon's new tablet drive the price down for everyone?

Actor Steven Segal has been sued for driving a tank into a house during a cock-fighting raid by the police.

The City Paper hired a new editor.

If you are looking for a big time this weekend, the Cow Patty Festival in Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee is a must not to miss, I'm sure.

More Later...

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