Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Round-Up and POTG Radio Tonight

After taking a couple of days off from POTG we bounce back today with an abridged weekend round-up/ Monday update posting to bring you up to speed on current hockey news and there was more than expected with the early morning firing of NHLPA head Paul Kelly.

Tonight on POTG Radio we have our first visit in a while with Ryan from The Red Light District and we plan to discuss how the Eastern Conference stacks up for the coming season. If you have never visited Ryan's site, you are really missing out.

Ryan's in depth analysis of the NHL is unsurpassed and no one anywhere has produced as much quality material over the summer as he has. Many of the pre-season hockey magazines on the racks do not have material as thorough as what you will find at the Red Light District.

We invite you to join us tonight as we start our look toward the upcoming season. In weeks to come Ryan will return for the Western Conference preview. September should be a fun month for POTG Radio and we are looking forward to bringing you something interesting each week.

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As a side note, we will have the world premier of a new promo for the 303:30 podcast featuring @dani3boyz. This is the second time that Jeremy has blessed us with the opportunity to roll out a new promo for them which we are always pleased to do.

In Pred Nation...

Over the weekend, Mark from The View from 111 posted one of his best pieces in the form of a letter to Jim Ballsillie and Gary Bettman. This is a great post that deserves a wide audience.

Jim Diamond as part of a nationwide Examiner initiative looks to the Pred's season and answers six key questions about this year's team.

John Glennon discusses whether Pekka Rinne will hold on to the number one spot this year. John has another post about the glut of centers competing for the third and fourth line positions. Today, John writes about added pressure on Kevin Klein as his role increases this season. We also see the first mention of rookie practice starting on September 9.

After a weekend trip, Dirk is back with his Monday Breakfast Links at On The Forecheck.

Stephanie Muraro has a piece on the three former Admirals having a shot at their Olympic teams.

Daniel Swallows at Bleacher report has big expectations for Mike Santorelli placing him in a top five of potential breakout players this season. Ads Shorts Shifts also comments on the BR story.

Twitter gossip from @Sully26: "Wonder if Frank will tell his listeners tomorrow morning about our Sunday match at Olde Stone.... Thanks again for the invite Frank!" It appears Sully and Frank Wycheck must have hooked up on the links yesterday.

From @BenThrashers: I've heard that the Sept. 14 ATL/NSH prospect game is sold out of its 500 tix. Thrashers Fan Club has some

Around the NHL...

Darren Dreger of TSN waited out the NHLPA and at 3:32 EDT this morning tweeted @DarrenDreger: "sources say Paul Kelly has been fired as the NHLPA's executive director." More details are in his TSN post here. Dreger also writes that many questions are raised from the firing. Here is the very sterile release from the NHLPA site.

This dissension in the ranks moves the NHL closer to an apocolypse that Chris Wassel and I have been writing about for the last few weeks. Dee Karl was up early today writing about how all this isn't good for fans. Ken Campbell at The Hockey News is also critical of the firing.

As if the NHLPA stuff isn't disturbing enough, there are more issues with a potential Coyote relocation to Hamilton than was previously imagined based on this Globe and Mail story. Bill Daly says basically "anybody but Ballsillie." The Spec also reports that he NHL promises "years of litigation" if their bid fails for the Coyotes.

Mirtle has a wrap-up of a document submitted to the courts in Phoenix that shows the much discussed relocation fee should me minuscule compared to the numbers previously thrown about. Mirtle has also put all Coyotes bankruptcy related articles on one page for everyone's convenience.

This week, Matt Reitz will have a round-table for each division in the NHL starting today with the Atlantic division. He will have folks from all 30 teams giving input into their teams and their divisions.

Michele Kenneth responded to my challenge for having a Sean Avery "hat trick' of articles by having the third article in three days involving the Ranger's pest. In this post, Avery appeared in Michelle's top seven players that she loves to hate.

Will Nikita Filatov be the next young Russian to return to the KHL? Is say he might be if his PT isn't up to what the wants.

Not that he will ever see any money from it but, Sergei Fedorov won his $60 million suit versus his ex-financial adviser.

Here is a rare article about NHL contraction that amazingly does not involve the Predators.

Over the weekend word is out that Alex Tanguay will join the Lightning, pending a physical for a reported $2.5 million.

Mirtle writes of Friday's trade between the Canucks and the Sharks at the Globe and Mail. The Nucks also signed free agent Mathieu Schneider.

From @JapersRink: Welcome @GreenLife52 to Twitter, complete with a full-on web site at (h/t CapsChick) For those who want the inside poop on the Cap's Mike Green, this appears to be the place.

MotherPucker hockey traveled a long way to get to last week's Red-White game and posted this crowd video of the intro and the shootout. The Russian Red-White Olympic Camp games was yesterday and here is a video of the players entering the ice.

The newest twist in the ongoing variety of NHL Tweetups occured Friday afternoon in the rain on some type of all purpose court on Long Island. @Dani3boyz held the first "Street Hockey Edition" of a tweetup and all who attended appeared to have had a blast based on the pictures and tweets. Here is photo proof of the gang. Jackson and I have an ongoing "PredsOnTheGlass Cup" street hockey match in front of our house on an almost daily basis. Jackson tweeted "@jacksonoakes: I really want to do a street hockey #nhltweetup in Nashville..Believe it or not, @PredsOnTheGlass is pretty good in goal." He got several positive tweets in response so it looks like a Preds version of the street hockey tweetup will happen sooner or later. Ultimately, I guess we could take on the Island crew in some type of cup match.

Off Topic... We had to burn a bunch of bag worms that we cut down out of the walnut tree out back and decided to dispose of a few other things like a reindeer, a couple of boogie boards, and a lamp shade. I made a video with a great Jimi Hendrix mix and I now find out that YouTube is not allowing most music on the posted videos anymore. Evanescence is no Jimi Hendrix but here it is anyway.

More Later...

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