Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Tid-Bits and POTG Pocast

Last night's POTG Radio show actually covered the Nashville Predators for a change with special guest Dirk Hoag, the Forechecker. We also had a visit by Inside Hockey's Michelle Kenneth. The full 90 minute podcast broadened into wider discussion of internet versus traditional media as well as other aspects of social media.

Dirk has a post about the show and the homework assignments that we gave him to do. You will have to listen to the podcast or go to his post to see what he homework actually is. I think this is the first time we have given a guest a to do list on the show. We will be looking for Dirk's Breakfast Links this morning for part of the follow-up.

Michelle is a real pioneer in the New Jersey Devils locker room, being the first fully credentialed internet writer for the team. She had an incredible year last season that started in Prague and ended in Vegas with stops at the all-star game, Winter Classic and many other places mixed in.

We also had a call from Andrew Echevarria, the 15 year old writer from Toronto that we linked on Saturday with his interview with Ryan Ellis. The communication was poor due to technical issues so we will have to have Andrew back when we can get a better connection.

It was a fun 90 minutes that flew by and should be a good listen on the podcast.

In Pred Nation...

The word on this week's Tweetup is now official. It will be Thursday at 7:00 at Past Perfect, which is located at 122 Third Ave South. It sounds like there will be a good crowd. Thanks to Tom Calahan AKA @predsradio for setting it up.

John Glennon writes of the defensive "core four" on the Preds and looks at how they compare to other teams. We had a good discussion on POTG last night about what a great job John has been doing on the blog side of the Tennessean over the summer. It is rumored that he will soon have a Twitter account too. Keep up the good work John!

Jim Diamond points to a new video piece on a few Predator prospects and details it at the Examiner.

I found another Preds blogger, Romin, over at Hockey Bums writing about the Goc signing. I'm sure he wasn't "lost" as opposed to "found" but I had not seen him before.

Bleacher Report has a post about why every Central Division team will (and won't) make the playoffs.

The Cleveland Leader asks if Cleveland would support and NHL team. The example they point to as a cheap investment is the Preds, valued at $134 million. If the Preds were mobile, I would imagine $212 million might be a starting point as a sale price. Actually, it would probably be higher considering the wealth of talent in the organization.

Around the NHL...

The Team Canada Olympic orientation camp is underway. Chris Johnson from the Canadian Press said, "I wasn't at the U.S Olympic camp last week but others have remarked that the Canadian one has a much more serious feel to it." Chris also adds "Canadian Olympic coach Mike Babcock hollering out drills at practice. This doesn't feel like a friendly August skate." Here are a couple of articles and a wrap up video and line combinations from ESPN wrap up the first day. Here's another very insightful piece by Pierre Lebrun on what this Olympics means to Canada.

Mirtle gives a complete breakdown of Team Canada's roster with groupings of who will be back in February and who won't.

As if things couldn't get screwier in the Phoenix situation, Jim Ballsillie has now amended his bid to give him the right to walk away from his proposal four days after the hearing if all issues are not resolved. I can assure big Jim that all issues will not be resolved by September 14. Here's the AP story in the Tennessean. Mirtle sums up the whole fiasco in this tweet, "@mirtle: It seems insane that Phoenix's two hockey teams were the Roadrunners and the Coyotes. No wonder things have gone loony tunes."

Our favorite Psycho Puck Lady explains the Power Play in today's post as only she can do.

The Edmonton Sun has a few words with ex-Pred Vern Fiddler who is headed fro Phoenix. He has nothing but good things to say about Nashville.

Sports Business Journal has a ranking of every minor league city in the US (all sports). Here is a discription of cities 2 to 10. I'm not sure where the story is on number one. Here is the full explanation of the rankings project. This was quite an undertaking.

So where do all the NHL fans live? NHL Snipers has a great map of the spread of every team across the US. I was a geography major so maps have a special place in my heart. I looked at this one for a long time. Make sure and click on it to make it full screen.

Hockey Joe has more insight to the Versus-DirectTV squabble. I still say that they will get it done sooner or later.

The Bruise Brothers have their entire 30 team projection for the coming season. The Preds get no respect.

As a final post mortem to the Dany Heatley presser, Pension Plan Puppets has a great word cloud of Dany's ramblings.

B D Gallof has another take on the Patrick Kane saga over at the Faster Times. Can we just get the season started so we can put Kane and Heatley in our rear-view mirror.

Big weekend for puck bunny tryouts with open auditions in Milwaukee and Tampa (video).

Two Twitter friends and alums of POTG radio from opposite coasts met up at the NHL store in New York on Monday. Here are @dani3boyz and @mozy19 hanging out together. It is amazing how social Twitter can be!
This must be Nashville Roller Girls week. Here's another roller girl story about "4 male sports that are wussy compared to women's rollerderby." Hockey is not one of them. Check it out.

More Later...

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