Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's Round-Up

Yesterday was an odd day as I continued to have my Twitter account under siege by porn bots that have endlessly tweeted Jackson's Tweet from Tuesday night that said "Going to see District 9 with @PredsOnTheGlass and @FisherOakes. Not sure what to expect :$" So if you see a lot of tweets from bot prostitutes claiming that they went to the movie with us, it is not true.

Last night I received a last minute invitation to co-host and run the board for The Program on BlogTalkRadio. Due to our schedule, I had to do the show from our church lobby using a weak bootleg internet connection which led to the determination that it was the "two tin cans and a string Edition" of the show. All in all considering our third world technology, and no show prep, it actually went pretty well. Thanks to Chris Wassel for the invitation.

In Pred Nation...

Dirk continues with his favorite Predator contest at On The Forecheck with voting on the second defenseman. So far, Sully and Kimmo Timonen have made the top six. Dirk also has his Breakfast Links for today.

John Glennon has a piece at the Tennessean about Brent Peterson's efforts to raise funds for Parkinson's research. In John's blog yesterday, he had an interesting note that original Predator Darren Turcotte is coach of the US Under 17 select team. The last I heard, Turcotte was head of the National Roller Hockey Team.

Forechecker wrote that John Glennon appeared on the Illegal Curve radio show last light in Winnipeg. The podcast archive link should appear here when it is loaded. I'm sure a lot of folks who missed it would like to hear what John had to say.

Jim Diamond looks forward to next week's Team Canada Camp and projects who Shea Weber may partner up with at next year's Olympics.

Kelly throws her two cents in on Ryan Suter's Olympic bid at Confessions of a Predator Fanatic. Unlike every other article you see on Suter, she doesn't bring his breeding in to the mix.

The Hockey Gal, who spun off from Admirals Short Shifts, has a good article about Alexander Sulzer. I didn't realize that he had been beaten up a couple of years ago in Europe. What is the deal with these muggings. Pekka got jumped at about the same time which set him back a year or so in his development.

Paul McCann has a new post this morning and touches on more sliminess from Jim Ballsillie.

Locally, SouthComm has purchased the Nashville Scene. Interestingly, they indicate that their combined publications is greater than the Tennessean. Their goal is to serve niche markets. Noticeably absent from the list of niches is a true sports publication. The City Paper is not "sports" in spite of what the release says. Nashville has had sports weeklys in the past that have all gone under. Will we ever see another one or has the internet rendered the possibility a thing of the past?

Around the NHL...

Big event of the day yesterday was the Versus TV schedule being revealed. That is indicative of the slowness of the season. Puck Daddy takes a shot at analyzing the schedule as it is. Puck the Media really gets down and dirty with their analysis. How is it possible that the Carolina Hurricanes get zero appearances after making it to the conference finals? The Preds have one Versus appearance against Detroit on November 23.

Another big story that went under the radar is news that at least 49 of the largest daily papers in the US will share sports news and stories. This will change how sports is reported and by whom in the mainstream media. This already happened on a smaller scale in Tennessee with the four major papers having a similar agreement last March.

Commissioner Gary Bettman will be deposed today in the Coyotes case in the desert. Bill Daly will be on the hot seat tomorrow. Bettman never answers a straight question from a reporter so I'm sure this will be a very trying time for all involved. Tickets should have been sold to raise money to pay creditors. Additionally, a massive 60 new documents have been filed as the deadline approaches.

The Hockey Writers report on Patrick Kane finding out that he had been charged with a couple of misdemeanors in the post practice scrum of reporters. This kid has shown no remorse which is usually indicative that he is headed for another incident in the future. Mark my words!

Nick at Let There Be Light(house) has another long piece that brings you current on this week's happenings on the island.

Scott Burnside and Pierre Lebrun have their third day wrap up in video and written form. ESPN also has audience Q and A's with their two hockey guys, Burnside and Lebrun.

With the US Olympic camp officially over, The Hockey Writers takes a look at who the final 23 may be and what the lines would look like coming out of camp. There looks to be plenty of room to disagree.

Mirtle takes a look at who may be the leaders on the Board of Governors in the NHL. Since all meetings are closed he "reads the tea leaves."

Daniel Briere was interviewed by Scott Laughlin on XM's Hockey this Morning earlier today.

J T Bourne's Blog has a tribute to the good guys in hockey. This is a nice change from some of the negative stuff that is out there.

More Later...

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