Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To the Hump Day, and Beyond

We've made it to the middle of another week and see two franchises with issues, Phoenix and the Islanders, appearing to have resolutions headed in different directions.

After yesterday's rally and all day hearing on the Island, things are looking up for the future of the Lighthouse Project and the Islanders finding a new home within the next few years. It was exciting to see the turnout and positive support, not only for the team, but for redevelopment and the future of the whole area.

On the flip side, with former Coyote owner Jerry Moyes doing everything he can to muck up the process in the bankruptcy court proceedings, the situation in Phoenix has never looked more murky. First up in today's hearing is Moyes responding to a show-cause order as to why he should not be held in contempt of court.

Moyes' release of confidential information is now jeopardizing the bid of Jerry Reinsdorf who appeared to be the leader in the clubhouse at obtaining the franchise a few days ago. I really hope Judge Baum punishes Moyes and sees that he gets nothing from the eventual sale.

Additionally, since Jim Ballsillie has used Moyes as a pawn since the first day of the original bankruptcy filing, he should likewise be disqualified from any future dealings in this matter as well as future NHL franchise opportunities. The NHL wants nothing to do with him (as documented in this Mirtle piece with the final vote last week) so maybe he should look for another sport's franchise in his attempts for team ownership.

On the Island...

The rally and all day hearing on the Lighthouse Project appeared to go well for the Isles fans. Following on Twitter and on the live blog, I really never heard any major obstacles discussed. A long list of folks including NHL commissioner Gary Bettman showed up to speak in a positive manner for the project. Mirtle has a good perspective piece.

There are numerous videos at the Isles website from the hearing. Here are some pictures of the day from Islesblogger. A plea from a local at InTheFade appears typical of the stories voiced by those wanting to give young people a reason to stay on the Island. At the end of the day Charles Wang issued a big Thank You to all who participated supporting the Lighthouse Project.

In the Desert...

For today's hearing in Glendale, Judge Baum has issued a show-cause order as to why Jerry Moyes should not be held in contempt of court. Moyes has personally made matters much worse by revealing confidential information. I would say that his foolish behavior has cost him many millions of dollars.

More perspective in the Coyotes situation comes in two stories from the Globe and Mail. Here's one and the other. PuckGal has a Fairy Tale perspective at Fanster.

NetWorthCanada has a good two part series on Bettman vs. Ballsillie. Here is the first part and the second.

Here's a article out of Montreal that makes the point that Jim Ballsillie has more character than other owners that have landed in jail. If I were Jim, that's who I would want to be measured against.

In the midst of all the hearings, matters of life and death continue. There are many personal stories that will change lives as a result of the outcome of the court case in Phoenix. Here's one involving Jeff Holbrook published in the Buffalo News.

In the World of the Predators...

Rachel at What the Puck calls out Jerred Smithson to step up his game in the coming season. With several centers missing off last year's team it will indeed be Smithson's time to elevate his game.

National Junior Hockey evaluation camps are opening this week in Canada and the United States. Team Canada has three Pred prospects invited including Ryan Ellis, Charles Oliver-Roussel, and Gabriel Bourque, while Team USA invited Zach Budish. Jim Diamond has another story on the matter at the Examiner.

Jeremy at Section 303 pointed us to a good article on Colin Wilson in USA Hockey Magazine. In the same issue there is an article on Social Media in Hockey.

The invite list for the Olympic version of the Finnish hockey team came out and includes Pekka to no one's surprise. There will be stiff competition for the top three spots in goal. Camp starts August 11. Pekka did not make's top 10 Finnish players.

Paul McCann describes the circus in Phoenix on Monday. There will be more where tat came from later today as court reconvenes.

The Pipeline show out of Edmonton had Jonathon Blum and Bob Bougner as guests on Tuesday night. This is on my list of podcasts to listen to today. H/T to Admirals Short Shifts for the heads up.

In the middle of the NHL/Olympic camp controversy, Shea Weber, Jerred Smithson and Cody Franson are playing in the Salmon Arm Pro-Am Scholarship game on August 12.

This is our third day with a story about the Predator's newest hire Derek Perez and still nothing from the team officially. Here is a video and another story. Forchecker had a piece on him yesterday and Paul Nicholson scared up his Twitter address @dperez915. Come on Preds, say something!

Around the NHL...

From @walsha: Shocking but true. The NHL has sent out a memo that it will not honor NHL contract for a player injured at a summer Olympic training camp. @walsha: Team Canada exhibition game...what happens to seriously injured player? NHL benefits w Olympic participation and players bear all risk!

From and XM204 NHLHomeIce update this morning came word that the trade deadline will be March 3 next season.

In disappointing news, Jeremy Roenick is officially calling it quits, ending a long colorful career. Hopefully, he will end up as an analyst or commentator for one of the Hockey TV networks. He is one of the more outspoken characters in the game and would do a great job in TV, Radio or anywhere that he could be heard. Here are prime examples of why it is important to hear from JR from Stay Classy.

From Puck Daddy comes Five Reasons why top blogger, Paul Kukla likes hockey.

Also from Mirtle comes another NHL/KHL contract dispute. This one involves Bryce Lampman who has played a greand toatal of ten NHL games. He was signed by the Blues last week while also having a valid KHL contract. This probably isn't the case to make a big deal of.

The Daily Hab-It has a good look at the top 15 contracts signed by UFAs in 2006 (dollar-wise) and how they have fared since their signings. It helps prove how some teams that spend to the cap get no more in return than some of the ones that don't.

One of our favorites, Ms Conduct, follows up Alexander Ovechkin's sex and hockey formula with a few thoughts of her own.

More Later...

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