Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Update and Time Out on the Coyotes Mess

I have really become overwhelmed with all the information in the last few days with the dispute over the Coyotes in the desert. I even had a dream during the night that where I woke up and had an epiphany that was long forgotten when I got up this morning. Maybe it was just gas.

The one thing that has become strikingly clear is that no matter what happens between now and the hearing on September 10, the issue will not be resolved for years without some type of compromise or settlement.

In spite of Richard Rodier's rantings that opening night will be in Hamilton, the Coyotes will, at a minimum, play in Phoenix this year.

It the team is awarded to one of the local bidders there will be suits against Glendale by the Goldwater folks for any alleged renegotiated lease. The order will also be appealed by Moyse, Ballsillie and countless groups that feel that they have been wronged.

If Ballsillie is awarded the team, it will start an all out war between the NHL and Ballsillie which will end up with the potential of contraction and charges of anti-trust violations that could change pro sports leagues forever.

There still could be other folks from the GTA, Winnipeg and any other number of places that may want to take a crack at it. If someone shows interest sooner than later, I would imagine the September 10th date could be delayed to give new bidders more time to put a bid on the table.

What we, as hockey fans, need is for camps to open and real action to get started to distract us from this mess with no possibility of a quick resolution. I am as guilty and anyone at getting sucked into the quagmire reading and linking countless daily stories and riding the ebb and flow of the Phoenix fans with each shot that has been fired by all the parties involved.

From this point forward, I am going to try to chill out and report only significant happenings and not all the petty bickering. The whole mess has gotten bigger than what I care to report on minute to minute at this stage.

Before leaving the subject for today Dave Vest interviewed Bill Daly on Friday at to the league's current position. Today the NHL asked the court to remove Jim Ballsillie from the list of approved bidders since he has be rejected by the league.

In Preds Nation...

Jeremy at Section 303 has another in his series of Making the Case. This one is on Todd Bertuzzi, who I suggested to him the other day. Thanks to Jeremy for doing the dirty work and "making the case" for big Bert..

My next suggestion to Jeremy is the source of a rumor that I'm trying to start (to see if any of the rumor mongers pick up on it) and that is Theo Fleury. Theohas allegedly petitioned the NHL to be reinstated after substance abuse violations. He could be signed for the league minimum with a bunch of incentives if he made it. Will the Preds get involved? Never in a million years, but it's a great rumor to put out there on the basis of the Price is Right.

Admirals Short Shifts, who will be our guest on Monday's POTG Radio, has part two of their sit down with Ads coach Lane Lambert. This part has more about the Preds than the first part. I think we will see a lot more up and down with Milwaukee this season as the Preds try to find players that are ready to move to the next level. We will be keeping a close eye on the Ads this year.

Jim Diamond talks about National Amthem singers and the tryouts in a funny piece. I agree that many are too long. The Preds use 90 seconds which is too long. In my days with the Knoxville Blue Jays in the early 80's we had a tape that was 72 seconds and it was perfect. Anyone can submit a tape if they have what it takes.

Looking ahead, we should have a piece from Neil Bristow in the next day or two where he interviewed Pekka Renne. Neil is a great guy and excellent writer that lives in Edmonton and really likes Pekka. Follow him on Twitter at @theneilshow.

Around the NHL...

Mark Ritter at Bleacher Report has his predictions on the seven Western Conference teams that will miss the playoffs this year in a thoughtful, well done, piece. The Preds as usual are on the list.

Here is a good piece from the Ottawa Sun with the latest on the insurance issue at Olympic camps. Bot sides are presented with quotes from Bil Daly and agent Allan Walsh.

More Later...

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Maz said...

I am starting to feel like no matter which way the pendulum swings on the Coyotes mess, that Bettman's days are numbered.

This is turning into a huge headache for the NHL, and a nightmare as far as public relations go.

It appears that Phoenix has been in trouble for a long time, and Bettman did everything he could to keep a lid on it and fix it "his way." So far not looking so good.