Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday's Twenty Cent Piece and POTG Radio Tonight

Tonight we will have a special treat on this week's POTG Radio. Eric Kent from Admirals Short Shifts will join us for a discussion on all things Milwaukee Admirals including all the players that the Preds will be heavily dependent on in the coming season.

I have been following the Ads through Admirals Short Shifts for quite a while so it is only natural to get to know these guys better and take advantage of their inside information about the players that will make up our future.

I'm sure Pred fans and others will have questions they want answered so feel free to call and take part in the show. We will also be open to discussions about anything else going on in the world of hockey.

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In Pred Nation...

Mark at The View From 111 has a really good analysis and wrap up of the situation in Phoenix leading up to September 10. Judge Baum has definitely been placed in a no win situation.

Forechecker has quite a list of Breakfast Links this morning. He has been digging deep over the weekend for all this good stuff.

The Nashville Post article that has been up a few days (but not to non-subscribers) on Liepold and Ballsillie is now available for viewing.

The 2010 World Juniors Blog (Team Canada) is an interesting place to go for stories and videos from the Canadian summer evaluation camp that has been going on for a few days. Several Preds, including Ryan Ellis, and other young players are participating. You can also follow on Twitter @TeamCanada2010.

Jim Diamond has more on the Junior evaluation camps with a good posting at the Examiner.

Around the NHL...

Nothing serious (beyond this local news video account and a link to the police report) will be said here today about 20 year old Patrick Kane punching a cabbie at 5:00 in the morning over twenty cents.

Some of the best things that I've heard others say or post include the following:
@hockeyisgood Proving once again, nothing good ever happens at 4 am.
@TheYotesDiva: shall we call him "Twenty-Cent" :D
@cellblock303: Preds vs Chicago - This intro has to be edited to include Gnash.. for ol' Kane's sake
@Sean_Leahy: eBay already looking to cash in "Patrick Kane - Taxi Cab Company Shirt"
@cupofchowdah: Nice touch that they are charging $15...soon they will be on sale for $13.80
@cupofchowdah: Kane should be forced to change his number to 1.20
@cupofchowdah: Kaned (verb): to be stiffed on a tip; usage: I made pretty good tips tonight but this one cheap prick totally Kaned me
From Stanley Cup of Chowder comes a list of things Kane could have done with his $1.20.
From Rick on Sunday's "The Program" "Dany Heatley is getting traded to Chicago to be Patrick Kane's personal driver."
@chris_degroat: Patrick Kane's rapper name...
Finally, Slats Radkee comes out of retirement to write about Kane at HockeeNight.

Sadley, Mirtle explored the Coyote's ticket campaign for the coming season. In the midst of all the controversy, I'm not sure any slogan will help. I guess the Predator's horrible "It Stays With You" from last year is what die hard Coyote fans are praying for at this point.

The Hockey Writers claim that the Blue Jackets are ready for a big season.

No real surprise, but Varlamov plans on being the #1 goalie in DC this year.

More Later...

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