Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits and POTG Radio Podcast

We would like to thank Eric Kent of Admirals Short Shifts for his appearance on POTG Radio last night. This was the first time I had spoken with Eric and we hope to have him back as the season progresses to keep up with the future Preds and get an unbiased look at who is ready to make the jump and who isn't.

Eric had keen insight as to why the Predator's management appear to like certain players more than others. If you analyze what Eric said, you can get a pretty good idea what the opening day roster might look like.

The podcast went an extra 35 minutes after the live portion where we continued to did deeper into Predators and Admirals stuff as well as cover a few NHL issues of the day. If you listened live, you owe it to to yourself to go back and listen to the last third of the show on the podcast.

Again, we thank Eric and hope to get to know him better in the future.

In Predator Nation...

Two big stories in Pred land on Monday. First, Ryan Jones re-signed and second, Pred prospect Zach Budish made the cut for Team USA (Junior version) and will start playing against the Russians in a four game match that starts tonight. Preds.com also has a wrap-up story about the US and Canada prospect camps.

John Glennon is back from vacation and takes a fresh look at Jim Ballsillie and why he is so unlikeable to the other owners in the NHL. John also touches on the Ryan Jones signing and asks David Poile about a few free agents on the market.

Brandon Felder has a great Q and A post and is right on target with every answer.

Forechecker has his Tuesday Breakfast Links and a story about Jordin Tootoo's Road Hockey Rumble.

Paul McCann covers a lot of ground with his Tuesday updates.

From @cellblock303: CONFIRMED: The next 303:30 will be Saturday 8/15! A round table discussion about NHL Network's programming & @JulieRobenhymer! Don't miss it!

Hockeylicio.us has a Predators Preview this morning.

In Phoenix...

It's back to the court room in Phoenix with a hearing today to give more information about the September 10 bid date. The lead sentence in this Toronto Star story includes the word "bloodbath."

Mirtle takes a closer look at the Phoenix filings and has gleaned some summary items for everyone. He also gives the NHL's side to the arguments.

Jim Ballsillie's newest filings take direct aim at the NHL and the owners rejection of him a couple of weeks ago.

Around the NHL...

More ownership squabbles in Tampa where Gary Bettman has thrown down the gauntlet to shape up or buy each other out. Worst case if one owner doesn't step up is for the league to find a new owner (and that has worked so well in Phoenix, I can't wait) Here is a HTM XM204 Audio clip with the author Damian Cristodero discussing the same.

From the Island comes an interesting post from Let There Be LightHouse (who has been on vacation) where he is now the target of the local angst. The original letter and his response are a great read. Here's a cool Youtube video on the project from LighthouseLI. I want to move there! I may just have to settle for the T-Shirt.

View From My Seats has a great Patrick Kane story. Now that JR is retired he has time to render an opinion on the Kane incident at ESPN.

From Rotoworld... It really sounds like a little money may exchange hands to sooth all the ruffled feathers. The cab driver's attorney Andrew LoTempio, now claims that the entire incident had been blown out of proportion. "It's a dispute over a cab fee, and unfortunately Mr. Radecki didn't recognize Mr. Kane and just thought they were a couple of college kids," LoTempio said. "We should be able to work things out."

From MotherPucker, this NHL Calendar import is really cool. I book-marked it to go back and figure out how best to use it.

From Japer's Rink comes an enlightening post about secondary assists. This is good stuff.

Here's a video that MsConduct pointed us to that shows how ice is made on a rink. Everyone has always wondered about ice making so here is your answer.

The Hockey News has "Jersey Rankings" today. Is it any surprise that the Pred's jersey is near the bottom since they don't like anything else about Nashville either.

A friend from HockeyPrimeTime, Randy Workman, AKA The Flamester has found a new gig writing at Hendricks Hockey writing about the Flames. Today's post concerns Theo Fluery. Randy is also writing at CrashTheCrease.

From @htmbigcountry: I just received confirmation from USA Hockey that HTM (XM 204 - Hockey This Morning) will have one player per day from the Olympic camp in Chicago next week...WOOO!

Finally, saving the best for last, Psycho Puck Lady has another masterpiece on what happens when your girlfriends don't like hockey. If tales of Catholic school girls kilts weren't enough for one week she adds another great piece on the Top Ten Dick Signs to bring to the rink this season. In the brief time I have been following the Psycho Puck Lady, she has moved into my top five blogs on the net with every article becoming a must read.

More Later...

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