Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Edition

Another lazy Saturday at the PredsOnTheGlass homestead. We got to sleep late in spite of the neighbors tormenting @laddster, our dog, and causing him to bark incessantly.

Jackson passed on a round of gold in favor of a gym workout with his brother Fisher. I really need to get in a round or two before playing in a work event in a few weeks.

The highlight of the day may be listening to the new 303:30 featuring @JulieRobenhymer @dani3boyz & @ViewFromMySeats (& @whatthepuck as co-host) that will be up on the web site at 4:00 CDT.

In Pred Nation...

Dirk at On The Forecheck has a headline to his Breakfast links that says "Nashville Paper Smears Preds Once Again". It's like clockwork. Every two to three months on an otherwise slow news day some pin head outside of the sports department will rehash the same old news with some type of slant like something different has actually happened. They even lured the Pred friendly James Mirtle into a piece about it.

Paul McCann also has a few more harsh words for the Tennessean at HockeyBuzz.

The Tennessean is partially redeemed by still allowing John Glennon to actually report the Predator news at Inside Predators. As much as we have talked a bout a wide open camp, John does the math with who has a one way and who has two way contracts and it is not as wide open as it seems at the forward end of the ice.

Mark at the View from 111 is sharing the wisdom gained over the years with the rest of us. This will become a regular feature. I am looking forward to it.

Oddly enough The Hockey News picked the Milwaukee Admirals as having the #1 jersey in their rankings of AHL jerseys.

When the Pred rookies take on the Thrasher rookies in Georgia on September 13-14, the Atlanta squad will already have a week of games under their belt. Here is information about their roster and participation in the Traverse City prospect camp the week before.

From @jakeduhaime: Mark Eaton and the Stanley Cup in RI today and tomorrow. Nice!!! It's good to see an ex-Pred with the cup his days.

Just in time for the season, order your Nashville Predator lighted lawn figure here. Who was the model for this item?

Around the NHL...

Team USA (Juniors) fell to Russia 6-4 Friday night. The final game of the series is tonight. It is a real shame that we couldn't get at least an arena feed over Ustream of the games since there is no other hockey in the Western hemisphere going on right now.

From XM204 Hockey This morning, here is an audio clip with Scott and Shawn talking about Twitter in hockey. Teams in other sports are starting to have "Twitter policies". I said a while back that this will probably come up during the next labor negotiations.

NYT Slapshot comments on the log jam in goal for Team Finland.

Sports Illustrated came out with a pre-season ranking that was somewhat more realistic than the Yahoo atrocity. They have the Preds ranked 23rd which to an outsider is probably fair enough.

Team Canada has increased its insurance coverage to ease concerns about the Summer evaluation camps. One of the dumbest quotes I've heard in a while came from Jay Bouwmeester who said "As long as nobody gets hurt, it's not an issue." I bet Jay was at the top of his class!

Big news will be announced at the Winter Classic web site on Monday. My bet is that it will be about the College Doubleheader that was leaked and will occur on January 8.

Sean Leahy has some suggestions for the NHL Network to make it more appealing.

Ryan Kennedy has a good summer fill piece on teams that only lasted a year.

This is a little different twist on Jim Ballsillie from The last paragraph says "But unlike some past NHL owners, he's not a crook. Rather than reject malign him, the NHL should be honored that he's interested in joining the league. The fact is, they don't deserve him."

At about the 6:00 mark in this YouTube video, Mitch Albom has a funny story about the octopus in Detroit tradition while guesting on Craig Ferguson's show.

More Later...

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