Friday, August 14, 2009

TGIF Finally! Edition and Lighthouse News

This week we have been a little more organized that usual in our preparation for Monday night's POTG Radio show and are announcing our guests earlier than usual.

We will have a special Lighthouse Project/Islanders Edition of the show with three very special guests that are on the front line in the fight to get the project moving forward that will provide development and solidify the Islanders future with an improved state of the art arena.

We will have Nick Giglia who writes for Let There Be Light(house) who has done an excellent job of supporting the project and disseminating timely and accurate information to those on the island and across the country. He has been doing such a good job that earlier this week he was accused of having "a very professional blog site" in a local letter to the editor (it was not meant to be a complement).

We will also have Dee Karl AKA Islanders 7th Woman who writes at her own site as well as serving as the Islanders correspondent at Hockeybuzz. Dee is a wonderful writer and even better person as she is adored withing the local Islanders community. She previously appeared locally on the 303:30 podcast.

Finally, we will have Katrina Doell who claims to be "the happiest person you have ever met" on her Facebook page. If that isn't enough she is also the Public Relations Coordinator for the Lighthouse Development Group. She also writes for The Light Post keeping folks up to date with the latest official happenings with the project.

So what is our stake in the Lighthouse Project you may ask? POTG as well as other blogs and fans in Nashville have been down the path where the viability of our team has been threatened. We were there two years ago and lived to tell about it. That puts us in a unique position to empathize with fans in other places that need support and encouragement.

The bottom line in the hockey world and the NHL is that it not about the Gary Bettmans and Jim Ballsillies of this world. It is about the fans and the love for their teams. Other places that have lost teams in the past still feel the pain as if there had been a death in the family.

Therefore, our support of the Islanders fans, the Coyote fans, and whatever the next town may be that will hear the foot steps of the Grim Reaper approaching, is based on the fact that we ourselves are hockey fans and feel a kinship to fans everywhere.

Maybe if the show goes as well as expected, POTG could get a backhanded complement (like Nick did) in the Long Island Letters to the Editor. That would be a badge that I would be honored to wear.

In Pred Nation...

Michael Cass at the Tennessean takes the opportunity of an inquiry by a sports authority member to go through another anal cavity check of the Pred's financial situation. One positive in the story is the fact that the current owners have placed a bid for Boot's DelBiaggio's share that is in bankruptcy court.

Forechecker has the Friday version of Breakfast Links. Be sure to nominate your favorite players for his all time favorite team.

Admirals Short Shifts has the lowdown on the Ads AHL schedule that was released yesterday afternoon. In summary, they are not pleased with it.

The Admirals are in the process of a total overhaul of their web site. It looks much better. They have done a good job. Check it out.

NHL Examiner Chris Morgan has an off season review of the Central Division. Also at the Examiner Lindsay Rutledge has an article about a few Nashville sports figures on Twitter. She was really lacking in the Preds department so I added a complete listing of the local blogs Twitter accounts in the comments section.

Jim Diamond has more detail on UAH being shunned by the CCHA. Goon's World has another perspective.

Sunday August 30 will be Preds Day at the Nashville Zoo.

Around the NHL...

Chris Wassel provides Part 2 to the NHL Worst Nightmare/Apocolypse article that I wrote last weekend. While the whole premise seems far fetched it is really not that implausible considering the way things are shaping up with team finances ans labor issues.

Mirtle has an extensive interview with Phoenix reporter Brahm Resnik about the Coyote's situation. This is one of the better pieces I've seen that deals with all issues involved. This could be a primer for where things stand right now.

After taking a closer look at the Yahoo preseason power rankings I really feel that the folks putting this together must have been under the influence of some really bad mind altering drugs. The Preds in 29th is one of many atrocities on the list.

Adam Proteau suggests that each team hire a "Yapologist" to co-ordinated effective communication. I guess then you would need an underling to be a "Tweetologist".

For some hockey action on video, Puck Central pointed out a couple of good videos yesterday that are great for a Friday morning. The first includes the five funniest hockey fights and the second has Ovechkin's top ten goals.

Finally, Preds fan Amy Dawson had a front page piece in the Tennessean today discussing her volunteer efforts during her year long job search. Having previously appearing on CNN, she has remained positive in her quest for a new position and has spent her time wisely helping others.

More Later...

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