Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday's Round Up - Tweetup Tonight

We are looking forward to tonight's Tweetup at at 7:00 at Past Perfect, which is located at 122 Third Ave South. It sounds like there will be a good crowd. Here is the official Twitvite page to let everyone that you are coming. Remember, all are invited, not just the Twitteratti.

There should be fresh discussion with organizer Tom Callahan tweeting "New rumor floating about: 3rds will make debut at Fanfest? Could be... mark it down." That raises two questions that we will be looking for answers to tonight. What is, and when is Fanfest and what do these jerseys look like, since Tom let on that he has seen them in an earlier tweet.

Also, with Barry Trotz answering questions on XM 204 yesterday afternoon, we have a better idea of what is on his mind. Here are my notes from the interview.

Jackson, Fisher and I should be at the Tweetup tonight and will be ready to meet some new folks. Hopefully we nipped the concern about kids and R-rated language at the Tweetup in the bud. I advised the boys that there were concerns so that they needed to clean up their act. @jodystapley, hopefully that will ease your concerns ;)

In Pred Nation...

John Glennon has a new post at Inside Predators and points out that Joel Ward is not a lock for the second line. Indications are that Mike Santorelli may have the opportunity to play his way onto the team as a winger.

Mark from View from 111 continues his commentary on the Coyote's situation.

Kelly offers an invitation to Petr Sykora to sign with the Preds at Confessions of a Predators Fanatic.

Not that it will actually happen, but my ongoing effort at mentioning Chis Chelios as a 7/8 D-Man has finally made the MSM. John Glennon writes of the possibility this morning. Will it actually happen? I doubt it. Chelios has spoken with every team in the league in his search for a job including hanging out at the US and Canada Olympic camps.

Around the NHL...

Mirtle continues his complete analysis of the Phoenix situation as he looks at a few theories of what the NHL bid could mean. The official offer from the NHL is $140 million with no money for Moyes, and Gretzky not in the picture at the current salary. The Spec digs deeper into the NHL bid.

Pierre Lebrun at the Team Canada Olympic camp writes about the Phoenix Coyotes? Shane Doan inspired Pierre to write about his side of the Coyotes story. Doan is truly one of the good guys in the game of hockey. E J Hradek gives his take on the Coyotes also at ESPN.

The Red and White game an the Team Canada Olympic orientation camp is tonight and it still appears that there will be no TV coverage anywhere. It is amazing that you can have over 40 of the best players in the world playing in a game and no one wants to put it on the air.

Ex-Pred Mike Sillinger announced his retirement on Wednesday afternoon. Mike holds the record for the most NHL teams played for at 12 which led to his nickname "suitcase". Katie Strang has a story from the announcement. Dirk at On The Forecheckhas the Pred's angle on the retirement.

In honor of Fashion Week, Michelle Kenneth has the five best and worst dressed players in the league. I love her worst dressed player best of all.

Psycho Lady Hockey has more photograpy from past seasons up at her page.

BD Gallof has a post at The Faster Times that is an excellent dissertation on the current state of the media between traditional and new media sources. He also addresses the issue of credibility and quality of the written product. This is an excellent post that raises points that each writer should consider when putting out their product on the internet.

Bleacher Report has a slide show revealing the eight best off seasons. They made pretty good choices based on what we know now. Don't expect to see the Preds.

Just to keep fans in line, the Hockey News has something negative to say about all 30 teams. They also have a Q and A with Dan Carcillo who I've always liked for some reason. He should have a good year with the Flyers.

Another day, another prediction on the Western Conference. Sports My Religion picks the Preds at eleven with 88 points. This one is better than some but they seem a little over enthusiastic about Chicago's chances.

More Later...

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