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Tuesday's Tid-Bits and Thanks to Adam Sherlip, The Hockey Volunteer

We would like to thank Adam Sherlip, The Hockey Volunteer, for his appearance on Monday night's POTG Radio show. The Podcast is up with 10 bonus minutes and is really a great listen.

Adam is an incredibly motivated young man that is truly doing what we all should do in spreading goodness (in the form of hockey) throughout the world. He is in the process of completing his non-profit status for The Hockey Foundation which is set to really take off as an organization to promote hockey world-wide. Anyone looking for a group to become involved with should check it out.

Adam recently returned to the United States from spending the first half of the year in Kashmir, India helping start the Indian National team. As coach he took them to the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia games that were held in Abu Dhabi. Later, he represented India Hockey at the IIHF meetings in Europe.

The podcast is a highly motivating portrayal of a selfless person who puts the good of others and breaking down barriers at the forefront of his life. This is one show that you can recommended to non-hockey fans because it is truly a positive human interest story that anyone would enjoy.

Thanks to Adam Sherlip (AKA @hockeyidealist on Twitter) for joining us and sharing his adventure and future plans.

In the Desert on Monday...

The news in Phoenix at Monday's hearing was anything but a normal proceeding. From following the tweets of six different folks in the courtroom, it appeared to be a fairly disjointed circus atmosphere. The only coherent result that I saw was that the bid opening process that was set for Wednesday has now been delayed until September 10th.

There will be another court proceeding on Wednesday that will deal with other motions, possibly including one that could rule that ex-Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes to be in contempt of court. Moyes is accused of releasing confidential data relating to negotiations between the bidders and the City of Glendale. Moyes' leak allegedly may cause Jerry Reinsdorf to withdraw his offer.

Prior to the hearing, the Phoenix Cardinals CEO Michael Bidwell fired a few shots at the Coyotes plans claiming that the fans of the football team will be asked to "finance" the Coyotes through the proposed special taxing district in the Glendale sports district.

David Shoalts at the Globe and Mail has his wrap-up of the day's activities. The AZ Republic also has a wrap up here.

This Morning on the Island...

As we at POTG has supported the Coyotes fans in their efforts to keep their team, we are also fully supporting the fans of Long Island in their bid for the Lighthouse Project. Today is the big day for the rally to show support for the project to give the Islanders a new home and provide 30,000 jobs during the development phase.

I have had a difficult time understanding the issues and found this post by B.D.Gallof of IslandersIndependent to be the best primer of where all sides stand and why the project hasn't gotten the go ahead to move forward. Its really a matter of good old boys politics at its worst, imagine that.

The hearing after the rally will receive full coverage at NHL.com. There should also be a good number or Tweeters giving up to the minute updates. The Light Post (official blog of LH) will be live blogging the event.

Before the rally there was no shortage of posts and opinions leading up to the rally. A sampling includes IslesOfficialOutlook, Chris Botta at NYI Point Blank, Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy's, Dee Karl, IslesBlogger, and an audio clip from ESPN Radio.

Charles Wang Speaks at Rally This AM (Picture from LH Website)

In Predator Nation...

This Derek Perez guy is getting a lot of internet press for jumping from nVidia to the Predators. So when will the Preds say something?

The Predators site does have info about the Team USA Olympic camp that Ryan Suter is set to attend.There is still no official word about on ice workouts that the NHLPA was concerned about.

Around the NHL...

Michelle Kenneth continues with her rookie saga with part three in the series. She still has at least one more episode to go with the Awards show. I'm looking forward to that discussion because I got to hang out with her there.

An equal amount of NHL and KHL players was named to participate in the Russian pre-Olympic camp later this month. Here is a list of invitees from ESPN.

TSN is reporting that Jackson's favorite non-Predator player, Alex Burrows, could be charged after allegedly striking a 19-year old goalie in the face during summer league action in Montreal. Jim Diamond at the Examiner has more on the story from a local perspective. The question that I have is why did his mask not protect his face from a stick? I'm sure we will hear more later.

Jeff Little at the Hockey Writers lays out my long time argument very well that all games need to be worth three points, not just those that don't end in regulation.

Only two years into the Winter Classic, NHL.com already has a Top Ten list of Classic Memories. Its a good read but its too early for this type of article. We'll cut some slack because it is August and how may nasty articles can you write about Dany Heatley.

Since it came up, the Sharks are allegedly interested in Heatley. I guess they deserve each other. Spector's has a rumor roundup.

Here's an odd story that Puck Daddy found about a regular guy that managed to sneak in to the Penguin's post game seven celebration. Here's the original pictures that are fairly amazing.

XM Fantasy Guru Rob Higgins, who also fronts the Canadian Band "Dearly Beloved," has a video up at The Providence Phoenix performing in studio. Check it out.

Off topic... Surfer Kelly Slater took the Laureus World Actions Sportsperson of the Year Award to become the award's first two time winner. At 36 years old, he has won nine world surfing titles, a figure that will probably never be matched. He is the oldest and youngest surfer to win the world title. There has never been an athlete in an individual sport that has dominated like Slater has, and he shows no signs of slowing down in a sport normally dominated by younger guys.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Forechecker has a long breakfast links post and adds more info on Derek Perez the Pred's new (unannounced) Head of Marketing. Great leg work by Dirk to find this interview about the man that should help the Preds fill seats.

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