Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Updates and POTG Radio Tonight

Welcome to another wonderful work week. Monday morning is always a great time to get all geared up, leave the enjoyment of weekend activities behind, and get ready to dig in to a full week of work. Not! If you know people like that, they probably need to get a life (and good luck at not sucker punching them). Everyone deserves a bad case of the Mondays without anyone being too perky around them.

In spite of all that, we are looking forward to tonight's POTG Radio. Dirk Hoag of SB Nation's On The Forecheck is our special guest. Training camp opens in less than three weeks and the Preds first Rookie game is actually three weeks from tonight. So tonight, we will focus back on the Predators after doing a few shows of a more "national" nature during the summer.

Dirk is widely known in the internet hockey community. His statistical analysis articles are unmatched and his annual miles traveled by team posts are always eagerly awaited by pundits continent wide. Locally, He is the unchallenged leader in Predators and NHL hockey news coverage. This will be a fun show to gear up for the Pred's upcoming preseason camp.

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In Predator Nation...

Kelly at Confessions of a Predator Fanatic has a five games in six days holiday hockey trip planned as a group of three lady Pred fans. Who says Nashville doesn't have hardcore fans?

Mark at the View from 111 has more explanation on the seriousness of the anti-trust portion of the Coyote's bankruptcy case.

The Forechecker has his Monday Breakfast Links with another link to the new All-Time Predator wallpaper.

John Glennon has an update on Shea Weber and Dan Hamhuis going to the Team Canada Olympic camp. Also, deep within the story he has a quote from David Poile reiterating that he intends to go to camp with the young defensive corp.

The Bruise Brothers had their Predator's preseason preview over the weekend. As we will see in most forecasts, they like the team but don't feel they will end up in the top eight in the tough Western Conference.

Jim Diamond has another segment of Predators 101 that discusses seating choices in the Sommet Center. This is good information for a fan who has never been or wants to avoid being heavy handed by a ticket salesman.

The Hockey News has a post on future franchise players under the age of 25 and only reveal ten on line (so you will buy the mag). Ryan Suter is on the partial list and there is a hint that Shea Weber is included on the full list.

We need to officially have an induction ceremony to honor Katrina of Psycho Lady Hockey as an honorary Nashville Predator fan. Through posts on her twitter account, @PsychoPuckLady, her web site has grown in notoriety in the Predator Nation to the point that she has noticed a spike in her analytics from our area. If you haven't checked out her work, its time to do so.

Around the NHL...

Big news this week will probably be the Team Canada Orientation camp. There will be three days of workouts followed by the Red and White game Thursday night. It really seems like someone could at least run a feed over the internet of the final game.

There was considerable Tweeting on Sunday about this article from the LA Times that says DirectTV has dumped Versus. I don't believe for a minute that a new contract won't get signed, if not before the August 31 deadline, then soon there after. This is nothing but negotiation tactics to scare customers into putting pressure on the parties to get it done.

More hockey news from the desert as the Examiner looks at possible line combinations for the Yotes. I don't see this group headed for the playoffs but I doubt the fans care at this point as long as they have a team. Here's the 30 in 30 days review of the Coyotes from

Here's a Rich Peverly update fron the AJC. I doubt he will hit the point a game mark in the coming season. With the addition of Nik Andropov, Rich will be on a less favorable line.

Here's an article out of Pittsburgh on baseballer Jack Wilson's return to the city after being traded to Seattle. It's rare to see a player write a thank you note to the city he left.

Puck Daddy takes a look at the dying breed of the general sports columnists. We saw what can happen a month or two ago when the Tennessean's Joe Biddle failed at writing about hockey. It was quite an embarrassing situation for all involved.

I've been wanting to go see the Nashville Roller Girls as an off season diversion and haven't made it yet. This is the first article I've seen written about the team. If the event itself is as entertaining as their web site it might be interesting to check it out.

Anyone who wants Alex Kovalev's 2009 Honda Ridgeline that he won as the All-Star MVP can bid on it on Ebay. Thanks to Sean Leahy for the heads up.

More Later...

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