Friday, August 21, 2009

Predators Sign Goc, TGIF Notes, and The Question "When Do You Want To Know?"

The Predator Nation is so starved for signing news that you have thought the breaking story about the Predators signing Marcel Goc to a two-way deal for $550,000 was the equivalent of the Paul Kayria signing of four years ago. Twitter exploded with the news and comments for several hours.

The story broke as a listing on the Cap Geek site and everything else was extrapolated from there. Forechecker and Brandon Felder did it up right with complete articles immediately after word circulated of the signing. Ads Short Shifts is on to it this AM with the Cal O'Reilly angle. We are still waiting for an official release from the Preds. The Tennessean also remains mute on the topic.

So this breeds the question, "when does the average fan want to know about a team's signing of a player?" I see three levels of potential news. The first level would be random speculation with no "source" credited. The second level would be like the one in the Goc situation, where there was a normally creditable site, Cap Geek, with a firm figure and terms. The third level would be a flowery press release carefully crafted by the team to present the signing in the best possible light.

Some web sites live and (mostly) die at the first level. Responsible bloggers are comfortable at level two, and most traditional news sources will wait on number three. So as a fan, when do you want to know?

PS: The story has changed before posted as John Glennon is now on board with the Goc story and the Preds have the official release. So the question changed a bit. Would you have rather known last night or this morning?

Other News from the Pred World...

We are looking forward to Forechecker releasing the all time favorite Predator team later today. His Friday Breakfast Links will tide us over until the man course is served.

Jim Diamond continues his Olympic coverage with a round-up of pundit's predictions on who will make the final Team USA squad. Good news for Ryan Suter is that he is on everyone's list.

I read the official press release on the story about Colin Wilson and a bunch of other rookies having their day with Upper Deck in a remote Canadian city for a photo shoot and have lost the link. Davis Boclair at The City Paper had my back with this story. I'm going to keep looking because the release was kind of neat.

More warped thoughts from Mark at The View from 111. I have a feeling this will become a Friday favorite among his readers. I know its one of mine already.

I missed this short piece from on Pekka's summer. You may have too.

John Glennon's Thursday notes blog covers a variety of topics including a comparison of the Red Wings to the New England Pats.

Around the NHL...

Sad news yesterday that Jose Theodore's two month old son passed away. We offer our prayers to the family and all who were touched by them.

With the Team Canada orientation camp opening next week, Dany Heatley saved the camp's leaders a boat-load of headaches by calling a preemptive press conference today in Kelowna. After ducking the media all summer, this will help clear the air before the camp opens and hopefully keep the main store-lines to hockey matters next week.

There was a really good interview on XM 204 HTM with agent Alan Walsh today. Here's the podcast. He has been on the front line in the use of Twitter from his @walsha account. They also have an interview with Aaron Downey from the same show talking about the House 9 program that gets kids involved in hockey..

Michelle Kenneth has a good story about Brenden Shanahan and Darius Kasparaitis. This is a good read with several twists and turns.

Mirtle continues his yeoman's work of plowing through the documents in the Coyotes case and has a few exerts that are real zingers this morning.

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk appears to have had all the Jim Ballsillie that he could take and opened fire on the wannabe owner in this Ottawa Citizen piece. I'm sure the rest of Pred Nation is cheering him on. Here's a second story, just to pile on a little.

From Crash the Crease comes a projected list of each team's top line for the coming season.

The new NHL fan site, run by Twitter friend @umassdilo has potential to be a fun place. They offer a list of each NHL team and how to connect via Twitter, Facebook, RSS and a few other ways. They also give a big plug to SB Nation's NHL coverage. Here's @umassdilo's blog to kick things off.

Die By The Blade hammers the national TV schedule a bit more and offers solutions.

Tim Rosenthal writes of the coming chapter in the BU-BC rivalry that the game in Fenway will produce. For folks in our area that know little of college hockey, Tim brings perspective to how big of an event this will be.

The Ontario Teacher's Pension plan intends to increase their stake in MLSE to 66%. Do you think they are looking for a wind-fall profit from fees obtained from a second GTA team in the next few years?

One of my favorites, XM's Mick Kern, has a list of predictions for the upcoming season. As weird as a lot of them sound, a few may have hit the nail on the head. He takes whacks at a bunch of folks, and ultimately himself.

From @jacksonoakes: The one thing that @@NHL10 got wrong was at the end of Game 7 in the SCF, it showed Crosby and Lidstrom shaking hands.Ooops.

... And the p0rn bots have continued their assault on my Twitter account.

More Later...

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