Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Morning After Round-Up: Predators 4, Ducks 2

The Nashville - Anaheim rivalry continues to grow and things will only get nastier when they meet again for the final two times in California on December 10 and back in Smashville on March 18.

Last year's playoff rivalry has taken on a similar feel in the two games this year with the Preds besting the Ducks twice, 3-0 at home on October 30, and 4-2 last night on the coast.

There was plenty of pregame banter between the teams which filled the national media's airwaves before the game to keep the Preds in the spotlight as the rest of the hockey world was a little slow to get on board that Nashville actually took their hockey seriously.

As the Preds sleep in today in their own beds this morning, an argument can be made that they have the leagues' best goaltender, top defenseman, hottest rookie, most effective coach coach, and possibly the most shrewd General Manager if he manages to keep the squad together for a few more years.

With the Predators 1000th game  coming on Saturday against the storied Montreal Canadiens, that will be broadcast on the CBC at the Hockey Night in Canada game, expect to see the hype about the Predators continue to move to the next level.

Barry Trotz will have his work cut out for him to keep his band of brothers focused on Saturday's game in spite of all the celebration and fanfare that will accompany this type of game. You don't want to lay an egg when the entire hockey world is watching.

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Here is our game story from last night with the view from the couch. Make the jump for the complete game round-up...

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