Tuesday, November 15, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: Throw Away the Time Card Edition

  1. It must be official now that Cassie Campbell-Pascall has announced on the Hockey Night in Canada web page that Nashville is a Hockey Town! Smashville has finally made it and has been accepted by Canada as being legit.
  2. Hockey's Future has their Fall version of the Predators prospect depth chart and the cupboard is full.
  3. David Boclair brings the news that the Nashville Predators pay the least in salary per win than any other team in the four North American major sports.
  4. Mike Organ points out that Joel Ward's return tonight will remind the Preds how much they miss him.
  5. The Predators have a big week in store and Predators.com has all the details.
  6. Paul McCann brings up the name Richard Rodier as being one of the NHLPA's new henchmen in the upcoming negotiations and reminds everyone that he was Jim Ballsillie's front man in his push to steal an NHL team.
  7. Amy Paul chronicles Jeremy Smith's journey to being the top goalie in Milwaukee.

A new trend is for companies to not worry if employees actually show up for work if they are able to meet their objectives anyway.

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