Thursday, November 17, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: So you Want to Go to Mars and Get Paid For It Edition

  1. Josh Cooper writes about seeing Matt Lombardi and Frankie Bouillon back on the ice instead of in the training room. He also has an update on the Ryan Suter negotiations.
  2. Ryan Porth gets Jerred Smithson to preview the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  3. Mark Willoughby introduces Brett Wilson to Predator fans.
  4. Dirk Hoag has a video that almost rivals "Shanny TV" and asks who will lead the Predators in scoring this year.
  5. George Scoville has an epistle on all the speculation surrounding Suter's contract negotiations.
  6. J.R. Lind gives thanks to Phil Bredesen for the foresight to put the Bridgestone Arena during his reign.
  7. The London Free Press says the Preds are wary of Toronto's team speed. Obviously, they didn't see the track meets in the last two games.

In spite of not having any viable manned space vehicles in their stable, NASA is recruiting a new class of astronauts for future missions including a trip to Mars. Here is their flashy YouTube ad that they are using to attract recruits.

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