Monday, November 21, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: Unlocking the Secrets of Mars Edition

  1. Robby Stanley looks at the one on one, shooter versus goalie showdown in hockey in an interesting piece. 
  2. Craig Smith appears tired of talking about Craig Smith. He would rather talk about the team. What a guy!
  3. Anders Lindback claims the he is staying shark despite a lack of playing time. There is a good chance that he may get a start soon with back to back games on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and Monday and Tuesday of next week.
  4. Josh Cooper points out that the Predators look like a playoff contender early in the season.
  5. Dirk Hoag has all the links that we don't at On The Forecheck. It appears that his son is schooling him on who Hot Chelle Rae is and why it's a big deal that they are the best new artist.
  6. Mike Finazzo takes a look at the Predator's poor showing in overtime games in the last couple of years.
  7. The Milwaukee Admirals played their third game in three days and picked up their second win in two nights as they beat San Antonio 3-1 at home last night.

NASA's Curiosity rover is set to leave for it's journey to Mars on Saturday and it is considered the "Super Bowl" of all space quests, on par with the Hubble Telescope.

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