Wednesday, November 23, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: Leonardo da Vinci's To Do List Edition

  1. Josh Cooper has the game day news from Minnesota and he speculates that it will be Pekka Rinne back in net again tonight for the Predators.
  2. Robby Stanley hands out grades to the Predators at the 20 game mark of the season.
  3. Dirk Hoag has the postgame audio from Brent Peterson who has harsh words for the team's recent play.
  4. Word came out earlier today that no one bit on picking up Niclas Bergfors on a waiver claim. He is now headed to Milwaukee.
  5. Fox 6 in Milwaukee sat down with Admirals' head coach Kirk Muller to talk about his first 15 games in the minors.
  6. has a special feature where you can ask Brian McGrattan a question that he will answer on the road trip blog.
  7. SportsNet caught up with Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia who was sporting his Preds gear in the event level of the Bridgestone Arena yesterday and he shows off his hockey and baseball skills for the camera.

Historians have found that Leonardo da Vinci carried a notebook with him at all times and made tons of notes and sketches every time something caught his eye.

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