Friday, November 18, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: Robot Polar Bear Cures Snoring Edition

  1. Will David Legwand return to the Predator's lineup against Columbus? Amanda DiPaolo thinks that he will.
  2. Josh Cooper spoke with Craig Smith about "the miss" on Friday after he was MIA after the game on Thursday. Barry Trotz was right about ending up on all the highlight reels including Deadspin.
  3. Corey Erdman catches up with new Predators owner W. Brett Wilson for a Q and A that explains how his interest in the Predators came about..
  4. John Manasso has a new feature on Patric Hornqvist at
  5. Robby Stanley gives a good statistical reason why Shea Weber and Ryan Suter are the best defensive duo in the NHL.
  6. Kris Martel compares Blake Geoffrion's offensive output last season with the beginning of this year.
  7. Mark Willoughby's "My View" suggests "idiot control" instead of "gun control." The problem is that they have yet to learn how to keep guns away from idiots.

A Japanese firm has developed a robotic polar bear that will gently touch your face to make you stop snoring during the night. My wife manages to deal with the situation and is not gentle about it.

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