Wednesday, November 16, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: Digging Through Dog Vomit Edition

  1. Josh Cooper reports that David Legwand will continue to be out, at least through Saturday.
  2. Ryan Porth says that resiliency is the key for the Nashville Predators.
  3. Predators AJenda has an extended look at the story behind the story of the Predators and Capitals.
  4. Here is the latest Predators prospect report from Bryan Mullen.
  5. Jeremy Sargent takes a look at some omissions on the NHL All-Star ballot. How is it possible that Wings goalie Jimmy Howard was left off.
  6. Justin Bourne predicts that Pekka Rinne will win the Vezina Trophy this season.
  7. Here is a short video from The Windsor Star with Cal O'Reilly talking about his trade to Phoenix.
What would you do if your dog ate $1000 in cash? These folks made the dog vomit and then recovered $900. It's a good thing the dog wasn't a good masticator.

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Richard said...

So $100 went down the tubes then?